About Us

Welcome to Cass’s Eclectic Boutique where your imagination is the key to Creation.

The Chic behind Cass’s Eclectic Boutique…This is Me!

Born and raised in a Military family, we moved A LOT, the one thing that was consistent was my love of art and expression and classic old furniture. (I personally think I was reborn from a century ago! LOL)
After a motorbike accident in 2018 and being seriously injured, I took to painting some of the furniture that I had accumulated over the years to make them fresh and alive again. A new life so to speak…….who knew it would be a rebirth of my own, a blessing in disguise.
I was in constant pain with limited movement so was able to escape for a few hours, or even 20 min and ……well……just forget!
I purchased and sold my pieces on FB Marketplace and always did well and had great feedback. It seemed a natural progression to get my own lil place to do my thang! (Besides, hubby said “No more furniture!”) I knew, and I think he knew that there’s no way that that was gonna happen. So he got his garage back! And besides, this way I was able to be in control of my recovery and rehabilitation. If there’s any advice I can give, is that don’t leave it 48 years to decide to do what your passionate about, to do what makes you jump out of bed (not literally, I can’t anymore) in the morning with excitement to start the day.
If you told me when I was in school that Id be conducting workshops, talking in front of people I would have told you you were crazy. But I love it…its soooo much fun! And that’s what I want everyone who decides to give their “thang” a go…. to just make it fun! Life’s too Short!
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.